In the wake of the wars following the Second Sundering, much turmoil yet abounds on the world of Toril. Far across Faerun and the lands beyond, much has changed for its people and its cultures in the recent years. Yet, worse things lurk far beneath, out of the reach of the Sun's mighty glow. Whispers of things stirring within the Underdark have caused many brave adventurers to go missing in its depths. Some, maybe more unfortunate than others, have returned in half maddened states of delusion and fear. Now, a new set of brave souls seeks to find the cause of such corruption, whether they chose to be there or not, and hopefully live long enough to warn the surface. Even with the tides of alleged demons on the rise, other powers still lurk in the places beyond darkness, waiting for their time to return.

Fate has chosen her champions. May their quest be fruitful, or their deaths honorable and quick.

The Way of the Dice